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About Us

Our most important goal is your enjoyment. It should taste good. Be fun. That's why there's one thing Mauerwinzer doesn't have: conceit. We offer accessible wine enjoyment. No question of yours is too innocent not to be asked. No taste preference too "in" not to be fulfilled. Whether Kabinett with residual sweetness, amphora wine with hipster character, sparkling wine with vintage champagne quality. What is allowed and what goes into the glass is what tastes good - what tastes good to you. Of course, this can also be a wine or something sparkling without alcohol. Or a craft beer from Friedrichshain. Or a fine fruit or yeast brandy from selected vintners.

We do the same with the food - quality and enjoyment must be right. That's why we serve Landjäger and Pfefferbeißer, ham, blood sausage and liver sausage from the Black Forest or the Palatinate. A wide variety of cheeses from small producers. Bread from Berlin's first "Rhineland bakery" founded in 1899. And tarte flambée lovingly topped with the best ingredients from us - fresh from the stone oven.

And if it may be a little more for a special occasion - no problem at all. We are happy to serve you a three-course menu at your seat or hand out finger food for the reception.


Mauerwinzer was named one of Germany's best wine retailers by the German Wine Institute. In 2017, it achieved second place in the German Specialty Retail Award.

Places in Germany where "wine takes center stage as an attitude to life" and where "wine enjoyment comes first" are honored by Gerolsteiner as "WeinPlaces." The Mauerwinzer has been on this list of the best German wine bars since 2020.

Because enjoyment also always depends on the atmosphere, we are pleased that the Mauerwinzer was awarded the "Wine Architecture Prize" in 2022.