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Gastronomy & Business Customers

Do you have a restaurant? A bar? And you want to revamp your wine list, bring it up to date? Or you are just starting out in the gastronomy business and are looking for support?

Then contact us. Mauerwinzer not only supplies restaurateurs, it also offers an all-round service: from wine selection and the design of your wine list to the calculation and training of your staff.

Of course, the wishes of the customers come first in this business sector as well - that is why we offer attractively calculated but always high-quality wines - not only from Germany, but precisely from the regions of the world that are in demand in your restaurant.

You would like to organize a reception with selected good wines in your company? Would you like to offer your employees a wine tasting on your premises? Or send a wine gift home to your business partners - for Christmas or an anniversary?

Mauerwinzer will take care of it - whether it is an event at your premises, a team event at ours or a gift delivery. We make sure that you and especially your employees and customers are satisfied. All around.