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Im Mauerwinzer

Relax and drink a glass or two of very good wine. Have stimulating conversations. Or simply relax. Enjoy. Perhaps order a tarte flambée, cheese or Landjäger to go with it. Treat yourself to an individually arranged wine tasting, get to know something new. Celebrate a birthday with friends or toast a success with colleagues.

The Mauerwinzer is just the right place for this.

In Berlin's center, where the respective world used to end, directly at the former wall, the wine bar with terrace and fireplace offers more than 180 different wines and sparkling wines from all 13 German growing regions. For immediate enjoyment. Or suitably chilled to take away. From small, up-and-coming vintners. From big names on the scene. But always from wine producers we know and have selected. For you. For the greatest possible drinking pleasure.

We are here for you every day from 4 pm.

And if you like to order from home, we also deliver selected wines via Wolt.